After 3 or 4 years of playing on the fringes of the SCA I have decided it is time to jump in. So, I am starting this blog to chronicle my journey.

First, who am I in the SCA? I am Gwenlliana Clutterbooke and my device is: Gules, semy of open books, Or. In normal English they are gold (or yellow) strewn books on a red field. I am an early 16th century woman on the border of England and Wales. That’s all I know for sure so far.

In the SCA I am interested in history, illumination, heraldry, embroidery, weaving and a bunch of other a&s stuff. I keep finding more and more things to get excited about.

Finally, a few goals. I want to go to at least one crown tourney and coronation this year. I want to meet more people, I am a fairly shy person so this is hard for me sometimes but I am working on it. I also want to get more involved in scribal and heraldry activities.

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