Dress and Needlework Progress

I cut out a tunic today based on this website: http://snowplow.org/sarah/pers/SCA/tunics_stepbystep.pdf I am using cotton/poly broadcloth that I got for $1/yard. I’m not crazy about the fabric and I don’t know if I will actually wear this tunic. It is mostly a practice piece before use more expensive fabric. I saw a beautiful, red linen/rayon blend at Joanns that I think I am going to use for the tunic for my Viking Garb.

I read a book about the embroideries of Hardwick Hall and it mentioned table carpets being made with turkey work. I was intrigued but couldn’t find much information. So, I posted on the Authentic SCA group and one of the members recommended several books which I immediately reserved at the library. Anyway, I found more mention, got some canvas, and just secured it to the frame. This will be a small piece, no where near the size of an actual table rug, to see if I like the stitch and the way it looks.

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One Response to Dress and Needlework Progress

  1. How did you learn to sew? Did your mom teach you? My mom doesn’t even do buttons ;). My mother-in-law is a great seamstress though. She makes all my costumes, God bless her. I don’t have the patience for that skill but I admire people who do. Looking forward to seeing you on the 26th!

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