September Crown & Acorn War recap

I went to September Crown over Labor Day weekend in Washington. It was fun but very wet. It was held in the cascades and there was a small peak just outside of camp. Everytime a cloud got stuck on it we got dumped on. I ended up buying a hood so, now I don’t have to make one.

My original intention was to try to learn some voice heraldry during the tournament but I didn’t think there were enough heralds that any could be spared to teach me. So, I was a list runner for most of the tournament. That was fun too and definately needed. On another note, I think running lists might be fun so I may have to try that sometime.

I went to Acorn War this last weekend which was also fun. It is held down in the Salem area and the weather was beautiful. I camped with House Raventree headed by Peregrine and Gryffyd. Eulalia, Ann, Sebastian, Teceangl, Clair and Geysha also camped with them and they are just great people. They share my desire to be more authentic and we just have a great time. I also met some more quality people. Mistress Arlys taught me how to play 12 Man Morris and Fox & Geese. Like I said, it was a lot of fun.

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