Since tourney season is pretty much over this year I think I may have more time to work on my projects. Most of the winter events are indoor events so I can take my projects without worrying about them getting dirty. The biggest threat to that plan is my tendency to wander around talking to everyone instead of working on my projects. So, here is my project list to finish before the 2009 tourney season.

1. Make complete set of early Tudor common woman garb using this pattern. I already have the pattern and the linen for the smock and cap. I also have some wool for the sleeves if I don’t use it for something else first. I want to make the final kirtle and partlet from wool but I want to find some cheaper fabric to practice on. I have some corduroy that I am thinking might work if I use the wrong side out. I will do all the long seams by machine but I think I might finish it by hand.

2. Finish my table carpet and the documentation so I can enter it into a defenders tourney at some point.

3. Cover for the ceremonial notebook.

4. Silk banner – I’ve decided I want 2 banners, 1 that is painted silk for tournaments and an appliqued one for indoor events.

5. Veil to wear with my other garb. I’ve tried to make them before but they never look right after I cut them out. I’ve used several different sites and I must be interpreting them wrong. I think I may have get someone to show me how to cut it properly.

6. Get my badges submitted. I’ve already conflict checked them, I just need to do the paperwork.

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1 Response to Projects

  1. Factorial says:

    If Raven’s Tree (Ravenstree? I like how I don’t even know what is ostensibly my own household’s name… yay me) gets together for a sewing night, shall I call you?Also, I can help with the applique banner.

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