Twelfth Night

I’m having trouble deciding if I’m going to Twelfth Night. Part of me REALLY wants too. A couple of kingdom offices will be changing hands friends will be stepping up and down. Also, I would love to see friends from distant parts of the kingdom. And…I’m a court junky, yes I admit it, I love watching court, I love the pageantry and the ceremony and 12th night is one huge court. Plus, due to devious friends, I’m developing a liking for medieval and renaissance foods. Since I don’t cook, feast are the best place to indulge.

So, you ask, what’s stopping me? Well, the hotel alone will cost $200 for the weekend and I’m just not sure I want to spend that much. On the other hand, I should be getting my 4th qtr bonus about the same time so I will have the $$.

Also, I’m not crazy about the garb I have and I’m not sure I will have time to make new garb before the event. I do have pretty wool though for my new Tudor commonwoman garb. Yeah.


BTW, does anyone else think the font is too small or is it just because it’s way past my bedtime?

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