Persona Thoughts, or How I Became Educated

There is a misconception that women in the Middle Ages and Renaissance were uneducated. I haven’t done a lot of research outside of my own area of interest but it isn’t true for noble women in the first half of the 16th century. I would be willing to bet that daughters of wealthy merchants were educated as well but I have no proof. I have no idea about the education level of peasants, male or female.

Sir Thomas More was one of the greatest thinkers of his time and many of his ideas were way ahead of his time. He believed that women should receive a classical education and should learn to speak Latin, Greek, and French. He also believed that children, male and female, should be taught gently, which, to my understanding, was not the case in most schools at the time. He also had a small “school” at his house where his daughters, foster daughters, and occasionally, others studied.

So, how does this relate to my persona you ask? Well, I’m about to tell you.

My father was educated at Oxford where he met Thomas More. He agreed with many of More’s ideas including the need to reform the church though he was not as religious as More. So, when I was young he sought tutors while in Gloucester and attended studies at the More household when in London. I was taught the from Homer, Plato, and other great classical scholars. I speak Latin, Greek, French, English and Welsh and can write in each language as well.

I have also been taught the things every woman needs to run a household. Embroidery, basic herbalism/medicine, management of a household and of an estate.

Goals for the future: I would like to have a better working knowledge of the classic ideas so I can get in the head of my persona a little better. I’m currently reading Sir Thomas More’s Utopia. I probably wont make an attempt at learning all the languages but I may try to learn how to pronounce them better. I would also like to learn more about herbalism.

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2 Responses to Persona Thoughts, or How I Became Educated

  1. Factorial says:

    I wrote a research paper in college about women’s education in the middle ages, and even though I focused earlier than your persona I’d be happy to email you a copy!

  2. Factorial says:

    Also, I’m really into herbalism and would love to nerd out with you sometime.

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