Faire in the Grove & Another Office

I went to Faire in the Grove on Saturday. It was a crazy wet and windy event. My parents came for a bit in the morning so now they have better idea of how I spend many of my summer weekends. They’ve never really thought it was strange though since my dad does mountain man stuff occassionally.

The wind picked up a bit in the afternoon and the modern pop-ups didn’t fair all that well. I left the event for a bit and came pack just in time to see the pop-ups in the artisan pavilian buckle on themselves. Luckily they were caught in time and no one was hurt. That seemed to happen quite a bit to the modern pop-ups. The period pavilions and sun shades/rain flies seemed to pretty well though. Some of them got staked a bit better but nothing came down or tried to attack people that I saw.

At court I was baptised. For those that don’t know what that means, I formally took the herald’s oath as Dragon’s Mist Pursuivant and had water dumped over my head. Meadbha made me a spiffy cup with the DM device on it. For those of you that missed it, it will happen all over again at July Coronation when I step up as Sinister Gauntlet. Hopefully I remember to take my glasses off next time so I can see through them. If I don’t, somebody please remind me.

Speaking of Sinister Gauntlet, yes, I accepted another office. (Do you think helium hand might be contagious?) Anyway, it will be my responsibility to write letters to all who submit heraldry when Lion’s Blood & Laurel make their decisions. It’s not a huge deal – it only takes a couple of hours a month – but it needs to be done.

Maybe I can expand it to pester my friends who have names and armory ready to submit but haven’t done so yet…I don’t think any of them read this though so they may never hear that I am nagging…for their own good of course… Must end post before it dissolves into pointless rambling…

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4 Responses to Faire in the Grove & Another Office

  1. Factorial says:

    I still haven’t mailed in Anne’s forms… (sheepish grin)

  2. Yes, I know, I see the internal letter every month so I know who has sent their stuff in. I bugged Perri & Grif about it recently too.

  3. litlnemo says:

    Congratulations on the baptism!(this is Wenyeva Blue Anchor)

  4. Sharon says:

    Congrats on the new job in SCA. Thanks for helping out.

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