July Coronation

This past weekend was July Coronation. It was also the weekend of my 15 year high school reunion and the company picnic. I chose to go to July Coronation for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was that one of my friends was getting her Laurel.

Coronation was at Milo McIver park just outside of Clackamas – it was really nice to have it so close. Katie and I got there Friday evening and half my friends didn’t recognize me until I put garb on.

During the heraldry meeting on Saturday morning we were told that we were all invited to progress in with Juliana as part of her household when she went up to receive her Laurel and that if we had tabards we should wear them.

The last court of King Vik and Queen Inga on Saturday is where almost everything happened. I’m going to try to go chronologically because I think that makes the most sense. First Lady Matilda was called up to receive her Goutte de Sang. She was shocked but it’s very well deserved. She tends to do the little things everywhere and sneaks under the radar of most people.

Then we thought Juliana’s elevation would be soon so we all put our tabards on and lined up. Then, my name was called. So, I had to untie the tabard and throw it at Katie so I could go up. There majesties bestowed an Award of Arms upon me and Her Majesty said some very nice things to me but I’m going to leave them out here. It was a little bit of a shock since I never expect these kinds of things. Couple of funny things that happened – as I was walking up to court I could see Tec, Meadbha, Constance and Marya bouncing and a couple of them were squealing. Then when I got back I was dog piled by half the College of Heralds. A couple of other people said some very nice things including the fact that at least one thought I already had an AoA.

An aside here from court – the AoA was given to me for service. Now I feel the need to do even more service. Is that normal or am I completely insane?

Ok, back to court. So, finally, Juliana’s name is called. She was given the laurel medallion that was originally given to the first Laurel Principal herald. That was pretty awesome.

The last thing at that court that affected the College of Heralds is that Master Finngall was made a Herald Extraordinaire. He’s only the 2nd or 3rd Herald Extraordinaire in the history of An Tir as far as I know.

In the first court of King Cedric and Queen Elizabeth, Constance found out she tied for first in the intermediate division of the costume contest.

All in all, July Coronation was a lot of fun. I may post more later, I’m still processing the event I think

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  1. Factorial says:

    Congratulations, I was very excited for you! And wanting to do even more service is the most right thing you could possibly do :)Keep up the great work!

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