50 things

About a year and a half ago I came up with a list of 100 things to do before I die and posted it on my other blog. This week I decided to come up with 50 things I want to do in the SCA. These could be things I want to make, acquire, research, or do. I think I would like to complete the list by AS 50. So, here is the list sorted loosely into categories.

Persona Development
1. List of persona appropriate food
2. Go at least one event season eating only what my persona would have eaten (ex no animal products during lent)
3. House plans
4. Furnishings for house
5. Manor grounds
6. Household management – I recently heard of a book called _The Tudor Housewife_ that I’m trying to find, I would also like to find diaries of Tudor women.
7. Research calendar
8. Research local gov’t authorities
9. What livestock I would have raised

10. Red kirtle
11. Brown dress
12. coif
13. Court Dress ala Princess Elizabeth
14. Farthingale
15. Corset
16. Shift
17. Petticoat
18. Black Partlet
19. White Partlet
20. Persona appropriate outwear/coat – this one is going to require more research too since I can’t find images of Tudor women in any kind of coat or cloak. I can find them in the 15th century and during Elizabeth’s reign but that’s about it.
21. French Hood
22. Viking apron dress
23. Viking tunic

Event Gear
24. Period tent (look at Field of the Cloth of Gold) – this one is going to depend on whether or not I have a place to set it up to dry.
25. Cushion for chair
26. Persona appropriate eating utensils
27. Persona appropriate plate
28. Persona appropriate bowl
29. Chair cover for modern camp chair

30. Learn latice work embroidery – I don’t think that’s what it’s called though.
31. Make period glass beads
32. Period style map
33. Learn to play alto recorder
34. Finish table carpet and enter it in A&S contest/display
35. Learn Opus Anglican
36. Create an award charter
37. Learn Klosterstitch
38. Voided work needlebook
39. Needlelace
40. Make a period cheesecake

41. Feast Banner (appliqued) – I was originally thinking I would do this in wool felt or felted wool but the only extant examples I can find are silk. I’m trying to decide if I’m crazy enough to try to applique silk or if I want to just go with wool.
42. Camping Banner (pained silk)
43. Hold Lion’s Blood Office
44. DM Ceremonial Cover

45. Owls in period – thoughts towards, types?, heraldry
46. Herbalism as would have been used by my persona
47. Tudor medicine
48. Travel in Tudor England

49. Autocrat at least one event
50. Learn to marshal

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3 Responses to 50 things

  1. Sharon says:

    Another good list. I should make a list like this. =)I have many SCA goals that are currently on hold.

  2. Thanks, I had so many things swimming in my head it just made sense to write them down.

  3. Factorial says:

    Awesome list! I can't wait to see you check these things off — do keep us all posted 🙂

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