Fabric Decision

I have been planning to make an apron dress out of what I thought was 2 yards of suit weight wool for colder events. I knew it would be a little light weight but figured at least it was wool so it should be somewhat warmer than my linen garb.

Well, I was going through my fabric looking for something else the other day and discovered that I actually have 2 7/8 yards of heavier wool. (I don’t know what weight for sure, heavier than most commercial wool pants you find but lighter than my melton cloak.) So now I can’t decide what to make. I obviously have enough to make an apron dress but I also have enough to at least make a short tunic dress sort of Anglo-Saxonish.

The tunic would keep my arms warmer but the problem is I don’t want any garb from this point on to be any -ish, I’d like it to be right. I may not always dress in persona but I would like what I wear to be authentic to the time period. Any ideas?

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