Thoughts on Persona Change

I’ve been thinking about changing my persona for some time now. If I change it I will likely go Norse, though 13/14th century is also a possibility. To that end I created a pro & con table which you can see below. I’m still undecided but at lease I can see things a little clearer.

*Garb is easier to make
*Beads!!! – this only applies to Norse but I love the Norse treasure necklaces
*Garb is more comfortable
*Garb takes less fabric
*Tent is much easier to deal with than the round tent appropriate to my current persona – this is mostly for going Norse, I’m not sure what would be appropriate for 13/14th century
*Sources for persona research seem to be easier to find
*Religion isn’t as confusing

*Time period isn’t as interesting to me
*Name change – I really like my surname and it is only found in very late period
*Heraldry not appropriate for Norse – doesn’t mean I can’t be a herald but display become tricky
*The research I’ve done for my current persona would be irrelevant – I could still use it for an A&S project if I wanted to
*Need to redo persona story – this is actually the least of my worries since I was already rethinking the authenticity of my current persona story.

So, there it is, any thoughts?

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4 Responses to Thoughts on Persona Change

  1. I would say you need to chew on it a bit more. I love your canting arms though, so I would be sad to see you not use it as much. Are you thinking of flip-floping between your 2 persona's, or change and not really go back? If so, I would just keep your current name. It will be confusing, like for your heraldry clients. I understand the easier garb thing. We have thought about make a set of norse garb also for those hot summer days and when we are going to be in Jill and Alfric's Court.

  2. Sharon says:

    Well, personally, I have a soft spot for the late 14th century because the clothes are so comfortable to work in and they don't look like T-tunics. But, if you go Norse, you'll be with the majority probably. I think it's too hard to research Norse as it was so long ago and the documentation is much harder. There's not so many period books to use, mostly just artifacts they've dug up and fabrics don't last so well in the ground.But if you don't care about the documentation, go for it! Norse is certainly easy to make and can be decorated beautifully!

  3. Factorial says:

    Take the persona that makes you go "squee!" inside, the rest will work itself out :)If the idea of being a Tudor lady is what draws you in, be a Tudor lady and I will hook you up with the people who will help you figure out the garb. Then get yourself a non-fussy tent (my answer to the persona-appropriate-or-not-tent question has been that Eulalia wouldn't have camped, so it doesn't much matter) and make all the beads you want! 😀 Really, even though I'm not one to talk, you aren't limited to only playing with persona-appropriate arts.I mean, obviously, I'd lobby pretty hard for you to join me here in the 13th century because it is the raddest century, but I'd be so sad to see you abandon what I think is a really cool persona. Change personas only when a new persona excites you more, because your excitement for your persona will drive you to awesomeness.

  4. Rae says:

    13th cen is AWESOME. =D

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