AS50 list updates

Since it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything of note I thought I would give an update on my AS 50 list. I’m not going to post the whole list again but it can be seen here.

Persona Development
5. Manor grounds – I’m currently working on this, I’ve checked out several books from the library and am working on the research.  I have this crazy thought of drawing out the plans for the grounds.

22. Viking apron dress – this is done thanks to my sister

Event Gear
24. Period tent (look at Field of the Cloth of Gold) – this one is going to depend on whether or not I have a place to set it up to dry. – I’m definately rethinking this one.  My sister and I are talking about getting a tent but I don’t think I’m going to get one appropriate for a 16th century persona.  The only style I can find in period depictions are round and they are just to much fabric and too expensive right now.  Eulalia made a comment that helped me with this decisions.  She said she didn’t worry much about having a persona appropriate tent because her persona ould not have camped.  I have to agree with that.  In the event that Gwenlliana travelled very far she would have stayed with friends/aquantances or in an inn.  Sleeping in a tent would have never occured to her so there really isn’t a persona appropriate tent.

29. Chair cover for modern camp chair – I’m also rethinking this one.  I’m not sure I want to cover a modern chair, I may just look for another wood one.

33. Learn to play alto recorder – I have the recorder and a book on how to play, I just need to spend more time practicing.

50. Learn to marshal – I’m not sure about this one either.  It seems like you should also fight if you’re going to be a marshal.  I may have to talk to some people who actually fight and get their opinion.

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