Thinking About Entering DM A&S Defenders

My next project is going to be a brick stitch purse using the patterns found here and here.  (The item the patterns is based off of can be found at the first link.)  The Dragon’s Mist A&S Defendership has been moved back to Artsy Fartsy in October so I am thinking about entering the purse but I have a few concerns.

First, I’m not drafting the pattern myself and that feels a little like cheating.  I know that patten books for embroidery existed in period but, as far as I know, they didn’t deal with brick stitch.  The books I’ve seen have pictoral patterns for Assisi, needle lace, needlepoint, etc…not the geometric patterns generally seen in brick stitch.

Second, I’m planning to us some leftover 28 count Lugana (cotton/viscose blend) as the ground.  In period they would have likely used a very high count (40+) linen as the ground.  I can get linen but I want to use up some of the things I already have before I buy more fabric.  Also, the highest count I can find is 36 and I’m not sure I want to strain my eyes that much.

Finally, I intend to make this a bit bigger than most extant embroidered bags I’ve seen.  Most are sweet bags, alms bags, or reliquary bags and the largest I’ve seen is about 6 inches square.  I plan to make mine about 8×9 to be more practical today.


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3 Responses to Thinking About Entering DM A&S Defenders

  1. Factorial says:

    Enter. Explain why you made the substitutions that you did. Talk about your research into period materials and methods. Everything you just wrote here about why you aren't sure if you should enter would make for a great portion of your documentation and discussion.Let's talk more!

  2. What she said. I think you should enter, and include all your thoughts in the documentation.

  3. FKV says:

    Yes, you should definitely enter. Not sure why you're hung up on not making your own pattern, but as others have said, include all this in your dox.

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