Artsy Fartsy & DM Defender

Artsy Fartsy was this weekend. It was a great, little event. Eulalia & Geoffrey really pulled it off.

The A&S defender competition was at the event. I entered my German Brickstitch purse as a work in progress. There were two other entries – home made wine & tablet weaving.

My presentation went really well. I was able to answer all of the judges questions without have to resort to “I don’t know.” At moot I found out that I won!! I was pretty suprised and it took a little while for it to sink in, but I’m pretty excited.

The documentation (with pictures replaced by links) can be seen here.

People have been asking for pictures so here they are:
The front:

A close up of one of the medalions:

The back:

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3 Responses to Artsy Fartsy & DM Defender

  1. Rhieinwylydd says:

    beautiful! fabulous job. i really admire your patience, that sort of work drives me up the wall. 🙂

  2. Andrea AskenDunn says:

    Beautiful work! No wonder you won!
    Asther de Perpinya

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