Event Updates

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here so I’m going to give brief highlights so far this year…

Winter’s End – February – A friend stepped down as the baronial champion and another stepped down as baronial herald. Constance received her Goutte de Sange.

Kingdom A&S – March – K and I drove up to Kingdom A&S early in the morning the day after a work conference I attended in Vegas.  My niece really enjoyed the Bardic competition, especially the harp piece by the new Kingdom Bard.  We ended up leaving before it was over on Sunday and took a leisurely trip back home.  We stopped at Shipwreck Beads and I got some things for a new treasure necklace.

Mountain Edge Defenders – April – I encouraged K to enter the A&S defendrership and she won!  This was a sad event overall though because a friend and member of the shire died three days earlier.

Faire in the Grove – This is Dragon’s Mist’s big demo for the year at McMennemins.  I helped set up and then helped with the demo and just enjoyed myself.  Ref cooked an egg on a spit which was interesting and a little mind-blowing.

Grand Thing – May – I day tripped this one as I had just moved and didn’t want a repeat of the Grand Muddy Thing again.  One of my households roasted a pig again, they brined it this time though and it turned out really nicely.  The monastery raid was a ton of fun to watch.  I also got to spend a lot of time catching up with friends.

June Faire – June – Dragon’s Mist runs the modern gate at this event and the hosting branch pays us, so it’s a nice fund-raiser for us.  It was also awesome.  I had so much fun working at gate and telling people what we were about.  The weather was perfect and the food was excellent.

July Coronation – last weekend – It rained the entire weekend and my tent is currently hung between two chairs on the balcony in an attempt to dry it out but it was a lot of fun.  I got to meet some awesome new people, catch up with old friends, and found out a friend is in a new relationship and seems to be happier than I’ve seen him in a long time.  The fact that I like his girlfriend is an added bonus.

We were camped not too far from the Bardic Circle and I got to listen to them as I fell asleep on Saturday which was very cool.

The meetings on Sunday were informative as always.  Her Majesty likes things to run on time.

So, that’s my year so far at a glance.  I’ll try to do a better job of updating this going forward…

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