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Heraldry Thoughts

This poor blog has been neglected of late.  I’m not going to do a huge update on all the events I’ve attended, I’ll just say I’ve been busy. Twelfth Night was last weekend, in Coeur d’Alene.  I wasn’t originally planning to … Continue reading

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Event Updates

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here so I’m going to give brief highlights so far this year… Winter’s End – February – A friend stepped down as the baronial champion and another stepped down as baronial herald. Constance received … Continue reading

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12th Night & Plans for the Year

K and I went to An Tir’s 12th Night at the beginning of January and had a lot of fun. We got there Friday evening which was pretty low-key. We got checked in, said hello to our friends and headed … Continue reading

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An Tir – West War

This last weekend was An Tir – West War down in Gold Beach. I had more fun at this event than I’ve had at a camping event in a long time. K and I left our parent’s house pretty early … Continue reading

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Recent Events

I went to 12th Night in the Barony of Glymm Mere a few weeks ago and had a blast. My sister was going to come to but something came up at the last minute so I went by myself. I … Continue reading

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Faire in the Grove & Another Office

I went to Faire in the Grove on Saturday. It was a crazy wet and windy event. My parents came for a bit in the morning so now they have better idea of how I spend many of my summer … Continue reading

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Event Season and Motivation

I am so ready for event season!! I haven’t done any of the projects planned but I want event season here now!!! It looks like my next event is going to be Mount Edge Defenders Tourney on Mar. 28 and … Continue reading

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12th Night

An Tir 12th Night was on the weekend of Jan. 10. I didn’t feel like spending $200 to stay in Eugene of all places, so, some friends and I drove down for the day. I had a great time. I … Continue reading

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Twelfth Night

I’m having trouble deciding if I’m going to Twelfth Night. Part of me REALLY wants too. A couple of kingdom offices will be changing hands friends will be stepping up and down. Also, I would love to see friends from … Continue reading

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September Crown & Acorn War recap

I went to September Crown over Labor Day weekend in Washington. It was fun but very wet. It was held in the cascades and there was a small peak just outside of camp. Everytime a cloud got stuck on it … Continue reading

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