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Dress Diaries and How To’s

Isabella’s Frocks
Kentwell re-enactor’s clothing

Mode Historique
Mostly later period but she does have some Tudor dress diaries. Also has a article on the making of a French hood.

Ninia Mikhaila
One of the authors of The Tudor Tailor

The Renaissance Tailor
Includes basic sewing tutorials as well as tutorials on specific aspects of 16th century clothing.

Tudor Costume Page
Instructions for creating Tudor era common clothing


A Gentlewoman’s Tudor Research
Images classified by decade

Tudor Dress: A portfolio of images

La Couturiere Parisienne
Pictures from many eras and places

14th Century

Medieval Costume Bibliography
Annotated bibliography for clothing during the age of Chaucer.

Norse & Early Period
Articles on the apron dress and overdress

Raymond’s Quiet Press
Viking brooches & jewelry from other periods

Viking Resources for the Re-enactor

Regia Anglorum – Basic Clothing Guide

Early Welsh Clothing

Vigdis’ Viking Apron Dress

Norse Widgets
Images of extant Norse accessories


Ottoman Turkish Garb


Clare’s Medieval Embroidery
Information about various forms of embroidery, links, and bibliography

Embroidery Timeline

Needle cases


Kentwell 1539
Information for Kentwell re-enactors. Includes pictures and a brief history.

Holinshed’s Chronicles
An extant book from 1577. Discusses all types of things associated with England at the time, including gardens, degrees of people, houses, resources, etc…


The city of Gloucester
Exerpts from A History of the County of Glouchestershire


BBC Gardening DesignEnglish Gardening through history

Garden History Articles

General SCA

Cariadoc’s Miscellany
Includes recipes, articles on persona, building a period encapment, etc…

Dogonell’s Research Notebook

House of the Barking Hind
Many links about a variety of subjects. Especially helpful for persona development.

Karen Larsdatter’s Medieval Material Culture
Many links to extant items.

Medieval Worldbuilding Information
A blog on a variety of subjects relating to the Medieval world.

Rosalies Medieval Woman
Info on all aspects of life for a medieval woman including clothing, types of cloth, embroidery, daily life,church, etc…

State of the Arts
Documenting A&S entries

The Orb
Scholarly Medival articles by subject

Bibliography for general Medival info sorted by subject.



Corning Museum of Glass


Clare’s Medieval Lampworking
Projects she has done, bibliography, links.


Kingdom of Antir Heralds
Medieval Heraldry Archive
Links to SCA period heraldry

Medieval Names Archive
One of the best on-line sources for SCA registerable names.

SCA Herald’s Page

Medieval Armorials

Survey of medieval armorials. Very little artwork.

50 Ways to Use Your Arms


Alto Recorder Sheet Music

Baton Rouge Recorder Society

Cantaria folk song library

Catalogue of Recorder Repertoire

A Circle of Bards
Includes a forum & links to music

Diabolus in Musica
This link points to the recorder page but he has many more instruments.

Eric’s SCA Dance and Music Pages

Medieval & Renaissance Instruments

Modar University Bardic

Paul Butler Music

SCA Minstrel Homepage
Includes links to music

Sheet Music Archive


Medieval Bestiary: Owl
Owl Pages
Three articles on owl beliefs with bibliographies

Owl Mythology
Compilation of owl beliefs from different countries with bibliography




Instructions & Articles

 Aon Cetic
Basic knotwork tutorial as well as a monthly rotation of other tutorials.

A Fine Hand
Lots of links

Flowers by Formula

Celtic Knots
Various methods of drawing knotwork as well as extant examples.

On Illuminated Manuscripts
Articles, bibliography and links


Whitework 101

Wittsend Library


Gough Map
14th Century Map

Gough Map at Bodleian
14th Century Map of Britain at the Bodleian

Historic Cities

History of Cartography

Late Medieval Maps

Katherine Kerr of the Hermitage
A SCAdian’s recreation of period maps. Includes info on how she made them.

Modern Medieval Map Myths
Discusses the misconceptions regarding medieval maps as well as the different types of medieval maps.


Paints & Pigments

Gouache Colors

Medieval Colors & Modern Paints

SCA Scrolls

Alheydis von Korckhingen’s Portfolio
Includes the inspiration for each

Gallery of Ansteorran Scrolls

Per Mano Merouda Pendray
Includes the inspiration and materials used for each

Scrolls Made by Temair
Includes the inspiration for most.

Thornriver Scriptorium